6 tips when working from home

6 tips when working from home.
Did you or your company decide it's better to work from home during these uncertain weeks? Check out these tips from our employees when working from home!

Macarena's tip: Separate your workplace from the areas you relax
Prepare an exclusive space to work. It has to be separate from the other rooms where you usually spend time when you are at home.
"There is nothing like working in a clean and tidy space with good lighting!"

Jesus' tip: Maintain a routine
Establish a daily schedule that includes your work hours, rest hours...and coffee time!
"It is important that you prioritize your task in order to know always what to do with your time."

Carl's tip: Over-communicate
Use tools that allow you to keep in touch with your boss and colleagues. Your tasks cannot be affected by the lack of communication.
"Do not forget to use Emoji, written text is easily interpreted incorrectly, use emoji's to express tone :)"

Adrian's tip: Avoid distractions
Avoid having distractions near your work area, this will cause you to not concentrate and to not be able to finish your tasks on time.
"Do not worry, there is time for everything!"

Simon's tip:  Self-care time
It is important to know when to stop. Working from home brings us great benefits like flexible hours. However, we can blur the line between “work” and “home”.
"It is not all work! Try to enjoy your hobbies, reading, doing sports, spending time with your family..."

Soren's tip: Use video calls
Written communication can be confusing as it eliminates emotions and expressions. Use video calls as much where possible and suitable, both when communicating with your clients as your colleagues.
"Seeing the faces of your colleagues when communicating gives a better feeling of working in a team and improves and speeds up information distribution"

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