Featured User: Janne Riihimäki

Every month or so, we try to talk to some of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we had a chat with Janne Riihimäki, entrepreneur and CEO of NagreMedia A Joomla development company based in Lahti, Finland. 

What does your company do?

My company is small one-man-factory that makes mainly Joomla! based websites and other tailored solutions for small and medium sized companies. I can provide similar services as bigger companies by using agile methods and excellent tools like your Component Creator.

How long have you been using Component Creator?

3 years. I tried it once and after that, haven’t coded any components from scratch.

Roughly how many components have you built using Component Creator?

14-20 and usually they have modules too.

How much time do you estimate Component Creator has saved you?

Hours and hours! 2-4 hours on every project at least. When starting the projects, all the initial setup is done in minutes and I can concentrate to the more advanced functionalities.

Can you give an example of a component that was built using Component Creator?


This is a search engine for finding information of different waste types. It was a huge success in the company. People can now search for a item like “CD-disc” and the component shows what type of waste it is and where to dispose it.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve Component Creator?

Plugin generator would be cool, and also standalone module generator (no component needed). Custom tasks to controller so you can make placeholders for custom tasks. And maybe a json-view for the front-end listings for javascript/ajax based things.

What do you like best about Component Creator?

UI is clear, it is fast and saves a lot of time. All the possible options for example field types helps also to learn new features in Joomla core. The code generated is also really solid and not bloated.

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